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Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I'm tired! I hate writing papers!
True, I'm almost done with it (I'll be done tomorrow) but I still have just about a whole other one to write! I cannot concentrate! I hate ends of semesters! But the end of this one? Is particularly hard... Maybe because I haven't been getting good sleep? Surprise surprise!

Damn it all to hell!!!!!

In other news, once I'm done with all this crap (as in on Friday) Karen, and Chris are coming for the weekend... And maybe Danielle? We have all sorts of good stuff planned.

Also, we're getting our seeing eye puppy on Tuesday. And on Saturday, somebody's coming to "check out our living situation" and they are bringing their four month old 45 pound sheperd who by the way is gonna be huge.

I can't wait, for good weekends. And puppies! And next weekend, Maryland, with Thom, and Deena!

However, right now, I have to fucking try and write this paper!

Crap on toast!
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