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I am soooo hungry!!!

Because I am on the south beach diet with my Mom. I went on it Yesterday, because I have been eating like a crazy person for the last couple of months. Because, you know, when I'm stressed out I eat, which is clearly a wonderful idea lol. Anyway, I wanna lose some of the weight I've gained, and I want to get control over my ridiculous eating habbits as of late. But southbeach is really hard core. For the first two weeks, I can't have carbs, or anything with sugar in it. So of course I just want everything I can't have. And, I've felt constantly hungry. But I woke up today with a lot of energy. Bets anyone on whether I can go the whole two weeks without cheating? I'm hoping I can, even though all's I want right now is a freeking brownie for some reason. After I'm done with this, I might go eat some nuts. Yum. :-)

In other news, I registered for the seeing eye reunion today in August. It is their 80th aniversary party, and Karen, Shelley, Chris and I are going. By perhaps the luckiest streak ever, I called the best western, and managed to procure the last two available rooms for the weekend. Which is pretty freeking sweet!

I start my last ever class for grad school tomorrow! I am done by July 2nd, and on July 10th, I am going to work at drew, because they are willing to pay me, almost as much as I made all last summer for a month. Add in that I'll be looking for a real job and I've got a packed summer. Here's hoping I find something full time by the end of the summer.
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