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A year older.

Which to be fair, is not really very old. Even though I am now technically in my mid 20's. Lol. I'm writing, because while taking a walk to the store at the shore, I started thinking of things from when I was little.

Missy and I went to get ice cream, in the store that we've been going to since we were really young. I thought about going there when I was little, my sister always ordering the same thing, and when a small cup used to seem large. Then I was thinking about money, and winning the essay contest I won in 5th grade. I won $200, and damn that was so much money then lol. Now if I really wanted to (which I don't) I could drop that much money like that. I suppose it was just a simpler time. And while most of the time I am perfectly happy and content with my more complicated adult life (even though I have yet to find a job) sometimes it'd be nice to go back to those simpler times. I think that's why I like the shore so much. Everything about it is simpler, more relaxing, and more peaceful. Though I know I could never live there perminantly, it's nice to get away and go there when I can.
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