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Things I am excited about!

#1: I've found another sci fi, or rather dark fantasy writer whom I like aside from Kim Harrison. It's Vicki Pettersson, and her newest book comes out July 1st. I can't wait!

#2: Kim Harrison's first book in her new series came out on May 26th, but it finally became available on audible.com Yesterday. Yay! Although, I have to finish this paper before I can start reading it.

#3: Speaking of papers, this one I'm writing? Is the second to last one I'll have to write in my grad school career! Wooot!

#4: The fact that I am going to the shore this weekend, to have the traditional "girls" weekend that Jackie and I missed last year. We're going down Thursday night. Deena is meeting us on Saturday! It's gonna be awesome! Not only have Jackie and I not spent a good amount of time together in awhile, but the three of us haven't hung out in I don't even know how long!

#5: I'm going to see a celtic women concert on Monday in Trenton. They are this group of amazing, very mellow Irish singers. Their music is soothing, and they have beautiful voices. That being said, it should make for a good night before I have to go to class on Tuesday.

And now, as much as I really don't want to, I should get back to writing this paper, so that something so annoying and a pain in the ass stops taking away from my good mood. Wow, did that sentence even make sense? :-)
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