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The weekend.

Was awesome! Despite the massive amounts of rain we had to endure. Spent the majority of the weekend, until last night at least, at the shore with some of my favorite girls, aka Jackie and Deena. Jackie and I got down there Thursday night, and just chilled. To sum up Friday we went food shopping, to see her Grandmother, had mudslides and toasted almonds out on the porch, went to JR's, and then came back to drink more of the previously mentioned cocktails.

Saturday, Deena came, and it was raining like crazy. So we decided to do nothing much. Meaning, we hung out in chill clothes and did things like drinking wine, watching TV, eating Italian food which we ordered, playing braille monopoly (which I won at lol) and of course, drinking more wine. Also, finding funny crap on youtube. Very uneventful day for some, but we had fun.

Sunday the weather kept messing with us. We thought it'd be cool to go out, and then no, it lied. So again we hung out, drank more wine and watched the real house wives of NJ. Which by the way is a freeking ridiculous show, but funny because of it's ridiculousness. I learned something new Yesterday though. There is a bangin Chinese take out place in Ortley, which delivers, and most importantly has sushi. Delicious sushi which I had last night. Mmmmm Philadelphia rolls, and California rolls, and tuna rolls. Thinking about it just makes me want more!

Today was yet again crappy. Until the afternoon, at which point I left with Aunt Geri and Uncle Brian to go to Trenton so we could see the Celtic women. A group I like plus a free ticket equals a great night. And the concert was really good. Those women are such good musicians, and they have great voices.

So all in all, clearly a good weekend. Even though if we get anymore rain we will have freeking floods.
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