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Five years Yesterday!

The subject line pretty much says it all. On July 19th, 2004, at approximately 2 PM, I got my Missy! I remember before getting her that I was worried, because I had just retired Missy, but all of that changed the moment I was handed the leash. That in itself is interesting, because Missy wasn't particularly impressed by me for the first few days, nor was she happy about the new arrangements. In fact, all she seemed to want was her trainer. But I wasn't upset about that, quite the contrary actually. I was happy to see that she'd created such a bond to her trainer, because to my way of thinking, she'd soon feel the same way about me.

And clearly, seeing as I'm writing this five years later, I was correct about that bond. And what a bond it is. Sure, we have our shitty days, but for the most part, things have been more than wonderful. And damn have we been through a lot. Starting with TCNJ. She went through three years there with me, and because I changed my major at the beginning of sophomore year, she went through my comm studies courses with me. Then, she not only walked in graduation, but got a deploma as well. Which was the most kick ass part of graduation by the way. This was in May of 2007.

The following September, and for the past two years, she has taken numerous light rail and path train rides into NYC, so that I could complete my graduate degree at NYU. And working in NYC, is no small thing, believe me, but she always handled it like a pro, even after the accident, which just happens to be another amazing thing that we dealt with as a team. The incident where I got hit by a car? Or more accurately, the time when I'd have gotten seriously injured if it weren't for Missy, but instead a car just ran over my foot. Yeah. Good times.

In addition to Missy's amazing city work, she worked in a high school (a big one) this past year, and in a small facility for severely mentally ill adults last year. She can work anywhere, the shore, the city, college campuses, and her adaptibility to new environments is friggin amazing. She works rain or shine (though she prefers not to work in the rain if she can help it) and on most days, she does it with a wagging tail. She was with me for my first flight, my first long train ride by myself, and she's seen California, Florida, Minnisota and Missouri with me. She's been with me through my first "relationship", through two very difficult deaths, and through the making of some of my closest friends. As corny as it might sound, she's with me for, virtually everything. And it's cool that she's been with me for a lot of such important milestones. I only hope that she's there for many more.

Here's to many more years.
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