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My kids.

Are great! They seem like such good kids. They're really good with and to each other. For the most part I mean. Of course, I've caught some of them making fun of one another, but on the whole, they are more helpful than not. AND that's nice to see.

Another thing that's sweet about my kids is how chill some of them are. Although I've had to deal with the normal teenage drama, like who fought with who, who likes who, whose dating who, we haven't had to deal with anything too drastic. Besides the girl who wasn't eating, and even that was stopped really quickly.

Our trips haven't even been as bad as I originally thought. I figured the water park would be a disaster, considering that it's full of hills and because we had so many albinos. But the kids actually seemed to have a lot of fun. And only one kid got bad sun burn. I think it helped that we had a room where the kids could go if they got too much sun. Also, they had dry attractions so that those who didn't want to go in the water could still have a good time. Also, the food ruled, and there was tons of it.

The other trip we've gone on was the aviation museum. I thought it was going to be awful and boring, but it was actually fairly interesting. Because it was all about aviation in NJ and the kids could go into an old plain, and they could touch old parts of helicopters and stuff. So it was pretty cool. At least there's no aquarium this year.

In conclusion, drew is great. The kids are a lot of fun. And the money is sweet. Which is secondary, but when compared to last summer, I can't help getting excited about it.
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