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Holy crap!

So all through drew, up until like this past weekend things were all good. I think the kids were trying
to lull us into a false sense of security. Because I swear, everything and more happened this weekend.

For instance, we learned that we have 9 couplest here this year. 9! That's a lot of freeking couples! 3 or 4 is the norm, but 9? And I can only think of 7 offhand. And this would be ok, except that they are all horny as hell, and doing everything with each other, and they're not sticking to the sicluded places where they won't get caught. The 3rd floor staircase for instance? And a game of spin the bottle in a classroom with the lights on? Right near the head RA'S room? Ridiculous!

If that weren't enough, they're all hyped up as hell, they keep getting early kurfew for little things, and they can't keep the bathroom cleaned. Ok, that's one, but still. Additionally, they can't go to the basement anymore because people got caught making out on the washing machine. And one of the RA'S got fired. We had two hospital visits in as many days, and the scramble to do research papers was so last minute that some of them didn't get it done. One of the beds broke, and the amount of nights I stayed awake past two are more frequent than those that weren't that late.

That being said, without going into much detail at all, it is turning out to be an interesting month. Definitely the most interesting I've had at drew. That's not to say it hasn't been fun. Quite the contrary. I still don't wanna go home Friday. But on top of being fun there hasn't been a dull moment. And all of the above excludes the normal who likes who drama and which girls are crying today. All in all though, good times, with much craziness thrown in for good measure.
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