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Letters to various places.

Or maybe just two...

Dear Starbucks,
While I am in sanely glad that I've discovered the free refills that cost 54 cents, and while I still stand by my prediction that God invented you, and works there, I am a little upset because I am currently still awake because I drank not one but two iced coffees. However, I very much appreciate the offer of such cheap refills. Apparently, I simply must work harder not to sicumb to the addiction of your delicious beverages. That being said, I'm probably walking back there tomorrow. At least I'll get good exercise.

Dear audible.com,
Although I love the quality and prices of your audio books, lately when I go on your website, it makes me sad. Everytime I go on, I get very excited, anticipating the release of city of souls in audio formatt, and everytime it isn't there it disappoints me. Thus, I would please please like you to update your site and have it there soon?

K thanks bye...

This is what happens when I'm sleep deprived, and hyped up on too much coffee, the energy of overexcited teenagers, and the hilarity that comes from hanging out with Lauren and Alicia watching youtube videos.
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