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it's been awhile!

which is the understatement of the year actually. A lot has been going on since last i wrote in here. The main thing would have to be that I'm writing this from my desk at work. Yes! Sioban Leahy finally has what she'd call a real person job. Lol! It took awhile, but I finally talked to the superintendent in October, and he found a spot for me. Thank God too, because damn is looking for jobs a pain in the ass. Not to mention extremely discouraging! I'd know. I'd been doing it for two months before I got this offer. And even with it, I didn't start until halfway through November. I do like it so far. I'm in an elementary school, and I'm already working on a grade wide project with 5th graders, and I already have 8 students to council! So, thus, things are going well on that front!

In other less pleasant news, Missy and Kipp have ringworm. Which is as big a pain in the ass as it seems. I think it's almost gone (knock on wood). but in addition to it being gross, it's kind of my fault because I'm a nice person. The short version is that I adopted a kitten from the shelter and she had ringworm. Neither myself nor the shelter was aware of it, and I figured it out when the dogs and I got it. Because I never saw any spots on her and neither did the vet. Anyway, the end of a long saga ended up being that i had to give her back to the shelter after a friend of mine tried getting her better. My Mom was afraid that we wouldn't be able to tell when it was gone from the kitten since she unlike the dogs had no visible signs. And we couldn't risk it with the dogs seeing as neither of them are pets. Even still, I was sad bringing her back, and the shelter didn't make me feel any better about it because they tried to blame me and make me feel guilty for bringing her back. And it totally worked, but I couldn't do anything about it. And she was so cute intop it off. Lol. Hopefully someone will adopt her soon. They said I could call back and check on her.

Other than that, everything else that's been going on is not worth mentioning, specially considering that I should be doing some sort of work. Oy.

Speaking of work, some of the people I work with are fucking annoying!
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