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Feeling slightly nestalgic

If that's even the right word for how I'm feeling. There's so much going on right now, what with me graduating and such. And, trying to get a job in this wonderful economy that is going down the crapper. And while I'm as ready as I'll ever be for all of this, I'm finding myself thinking back these past few days. Particularly while I was writing papers, I just wanted to be back at TCNJ where I could go take a walk whenever I wanted, or go to hang out with people to get my mind off of things, or else I could go and get whatever I wanted to eat. And then thinking about school made me think about... A lot of people from school. Both those with whom I am still in contact with, and those who I haven't spoken to or thought about in months. I miss the people I haven't seen, and I'm wondering how those who I don't speak to are doing. This then made me wonder the same thing about my high school friends. Because there are a lot of those who I don't speak with any longer. I feel like I need to see everyone I still talk to soon, cause I miss you all. As for those people I don't talk to, I'll stop wondering soon enough I suppose. As for going back to TCNJ, although sometimes it seems like it would be easier, I wouldn't want to do it without all of my friends back, so it wouldn't work out. Being grown up is... Weird to say the least.
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