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Crappiest week ever!

It started last weekend. Saturday was actually a pretty good day. Mom, Dad, and I went to Rutgers with Missy and Kip for this agricultural field day. The puppy raisers were really involved with it. I saw my friend Shelley, puppy raiser Shelley, not blindo, and her new dog is adorable. I hadn't seen her in like 2 years, so it was good we got to hang out. It was also cool cause there were a lot of cool seeing eye instructors, Denise, Rivi, and Chris Mattoon. Kip got a big ribbon, because he's awesome, and it was a beautiful day. I had the sun burn to prove it. My parents left early, and I stuck around, because Wiseley was up near rutgers, and came down to hang out. It was good times. We just walked around, and chatted, went to the folk festival, and ate greasey barbecue type food. I got home around probably 6ish, and Rob and JP came over and hung out for awhile. Brought me sushi.

Sunday I was intending to do work all day, because last week was the end of classes. But that didn't happen. We learned early on in the day that our next door neighbor passed away. Very suddenly. At age 29. And this is the reason for the sucky week. She's got two little boys, 4 and 8, and she, her brother, and all of us grew up together. They lived next door all our lives. And, we're pretty sure that it was diet pills that killed her. Imagine that? Fucking diet pills. That she'd only been taking for like 7 or 8 months? And the FDA announced the other day that they were recalling that specific drug? If only it had been a few weeks previous, it may have helped.

I'ts crazy... And hard to wrap my head around. It makes no sense as my Mom says, and there was certainly no reason for it. She is not happier up "there" where ever there is, and there is no way in hell that God needed her more than her children, husband and brother. It sucks. That's all I can say, and it's going to be hard for everyone. I keep thinking about those boys. I can't even fathom what it'd be like to grow up without a mother. And some of the shit that you hear the kids say? It's... In sanity. And, I think the little guy is moving in. He's over our house a lot a lot. We think he doesn't wanna be at home... Sometimes, I can't deal with it. It's the worst death ever. Because it was so unexpected, she was so young, and her fucking kids. And, they really were like family. Growing uptogether, it'd be bound to be like that.
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