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I love my new toy! THE post worked! Woot! Really, I shouldn't be this excited. But writing braille online! And being able to go online with such a small piece of technology is sweetffAlso, having an LJ client right in the menus rules! Not to mention.. So many cool things. Lol. Besides my sweet new braille plus, convention was good times. Lots of puppies plus any blindo toy one could think of equals awesomeness. Add in ice cream and good company and really what could be bad about that? Oh right nothing. Mostly though, just happy about my new toy. And the sweet
upgrade due to come out for mac in the fall. I can't wait for even more accessable features! Ok.. Off to listen to some internet radio. Or maybe I'll browse the web since I can with braille. Disclaimer: I know I'm a dork. I just don't care lol.Ps, off to drew tomorrow. And while I'm tired because Shelley, Danielle and I didn't sleep last night on account of our new toys, I'm still excited.
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